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This was very helpful. He actually reached out to me on the socials this morning like you said in the other Virgo reading .. you pulled a see you soon card in one of those readings as well and his message was “ flying you to see me “ very nonchalantly like you said it would be. 


P.s I was starting the arguments & it was because of his communication. 


You are so gifted . Thank youuuu.



Hi, I just wanted to express on how talented and gifted you are. Thank you for sharing your energy, much appreciated. 

Thank you. 



Once again, it's scary how natural your readings feel.  There are even just basic words and phrases you mentioned that seem to resonate a lot. They always help me stay grounded and understand my own feelings when I start to overthink (which I have been doing less of recently :) )


Thanks a lot!  I really enjoyed this reading as well!


It was an amazing reading and definitely resonated - thank you so much!!  I will definitely be booking a longer reading with you soon. You’re truly gifted - love you and all you do! 



Thank you so much! Yes, it did help and I felt validated. I unfortunately had what I believe is Tower moment yesterday, lol. I found out through my secondary Instagram (I think he forgot it was mine) that he's been in a relationship with someone else for a year (seems like it started shortly after he arrived at his base abroad) after he removed my main account from his followers/he unfollowed me. He never told me (he told me there was no one else when he initially decided to take a step back) , kept leading me on and lying to me for a whole year, and never intended to let me know the truth. 


He claims it was because he didn't want to lose my friendship after I called him out on it. I'm devastated and heartbroken all over again that someone I considered to be my best friend would do this to me, but the reading confirmed how selfish he's been and the secrets he's been keeping. It also helped to see him show up as an immature page with how he's been behaving and how I deserve better than what he's given me.

I really appreciated hearing you also say I deserve better and the message about crying about a door with nothing on the other side. I've also used the word "coward" to describe him, and I really felt validated hearing you say you felt selfish and cowardly energy from him and how he wanted to take the cheap way out.


I hope I didn't ramble on, but thank you again for helping me get some clarity on this situation. 






Hi Fire Virgo,

Thank you so much for this truly lovely reading.  I was so overcome by your reading style and perceptive summary/comments.  This reading is so on point and it has begun to help me.  

You are the best, I truly mean it!  I wish you all things good for you and your family!

(Sorry I perhaps was impatient for my reading)

Take care,

Hope to reach you again,



Thank you very much for doing my reading. It helps a lot and brings a lot of clarity to me as far as what direction I should be headed in with my decisions. I do have Leo in my chart actually, it’s in my Mercury. I'm a bit worried as to the air signs popping up in my reading especially gemini since I have such a bad reputation with them lol but I did get the message loud and clear. Thank you so much!! This truly means a lot!


Lol hi cousin !!

Super on point as per usual literally everything you said resonated, and I’m kind of excited about this one ! So thank you so much for the guidance and confirming that this one is a good one. So tired of emotionally unavailable men so Funny you mentioned Lavon again because his energy still lingers for sure I can feel it. Hopefully it doesn’t mess up my new connection. Lol I’ll keep you posted ! Until next time ! 




Hiii thank you so much! This was amazing! I really appreciate it  


I will definitely book again soon! 





Thank you again for the Tarot reading. The messages were so succinct and was a pleasure to view the reading!  :)



Hi there,


Thank you so much for this. It resonated completely and I do have a lot to think about for real. It’s a hard situation but I’m hoping that I will make a decision that’s right for me… whatever that is.


Stay blessed and be blessed always. 


Thank you again!




Ok so first you calling me Ana is what my friends call me. Thank you and yes you pronounced my name right. Also congratulations on the growth of your channel :) 

As for the reading thank you for taking the time. You always have a beautiful insight to share  thank you. 


Thank you so much for that clarity ! 

Yes I feel we get a more deep connection and you were right on after work drinks , we will go out on Friday with work and he want to pic me up. Also today we had a warm hug and I feel he wants me to come to office when alone. He also helped me a lot to move forward at work ! The thing is that hes not single and that may also be the reason why the sneaky way but I have a feeling he’s having problems home or not happy. You asked me how can I know all this , I have some kind of medium mind , I see and feel things. Can’t explain it better then that. But I needed to know if I was right on this and the thing is that I can feel his energy so strong . You really helped me see this more clearly and I’m thankful for this 

Thank you 

Lots of love Pamela 


Thank you so much! It does make a lot of sense! I did just link up with him a few days ago lol. More than likely he’ll be reaching back out again. Ive been trying to decide wether to have the conversation with him and depending on how the conversation goes I’ll end it. Or just see what’s happens. I don’t want to let him go but I can’t get sucked back into this cycle with him because it’s too draining. I loved this reading! Will be back for more! 


Thank you so much! Yes the link works. I left a comment too. Btw do you do readings to find out if someone is a twin flame? 






Thank you for your reading. I just wish I could get through to her. 


Hi Fire Virgo! 


I hope you still remember me & my situation a bit, lol! Thank you so much for reassuring me that it was okay to ask you for this reading! I really feel like I'm being supported by a good friend to finally put an end to all this and move forward. Also just hearing you offer advice "friend to friend" and wishing me good luck was very touching to me and something I really needed, thank you.  Watching this reading also brought some much-needed laughter to me, so thank you so much for that too! 


In the end, the Pisces decided to postpone the phone call, and unfortunately, since he's going to be stationed abroad for a few years, I'm not able to give him back his cats. He had no one else who would take them and he suggested taking them to the shelter, but I refused to abandon them that way. I requested a transfer of ownership, and even though it unsurprisingly took him weeks, lol, I finally got the signed paperwork and the cats are officially mine. I don't know yet if I will keep them or keep trying to have them get along my two other cats, but I feel better about there being no more obligation between us to keep communicating with each other. Also unsuprisingly, lol, he had yet to set aside time for the phone call, so I decided to just say what I needed to say (remembering to keep the poise, lol!) via Instagram (our main communication) and blocked him immediately afterwards, lol. 


Just wanted to give you a little update and to thank you again for your readings! Rewatching them whenever I'm feeling down has really been helping me on my healing journey. They really help to put things into perspective, especially in moments where my mind starts to spiral, and have been so helpful and healing to me during this emotionally difficult time. Thank you so much, once again, for sharing your gift! 



I hope you have wonderful week and holiday season! 





Jay See

This was amazing. I have more questions and more information to reveal for the reading. How would I go about getting a further in depth reading? And thank you so much


“Your reading is just excellent, very clear and to the point and details. Is there any way that we can have another reading or maybe a zoom session?"




Thank you so much … I had tears in my eyes .. it’s so bang on ! 


I don’t know what to do but yes he s connecting again cause as of now nothing is fixed so am hoping against hope 


Thanks a ton for your reading .. 


Am just trying to be positive 


Take care




Thank you so so so much!!! I definitely needed this today! It resonated a lot. I really appreciate this and all your videos 

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Wow. Every single word resonated. I really appreciate you taking the time, and the passion behind certain statements that I really need to start believing. I think you hit the nail on the head. When we broke things off in 2014 it was only because I was so inexperienced and had no intentions of coming out of the closet (18y/o and still residing at my parent’s home. And I knew I wouldn’t have a place to live if I did). I only have dated women since. I would occasionally sleep with an ex boyfriend from highschool in between break ups with women. We were just best friends that were able to cross that physical line without repercussions bc we both knew where I stood and he respected that. We just had a great friendship. That I have at times really overthought maybe if I would have tried harder to make it more I could have. But I honestly don’t feel like the question of genuinely being with a man has ever been a thought until my parent’s reaction. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier bc I’d get to have my parents in my life and I wouldn’t have to pay so much to conceive. It very strongly hit home you asking if my parents relationship is even something I’m interested in having for myself or if they’re also held back by their limiting beliefs. Because in all due respect, I learned what marriage WASN’T through my parents.


Genuinely thank you.  


Thank you so much! It totally resonated & validated what I needed to know. I've made the decision to close that door & move on just like the cards said  


Hi Fire Virgo,


Yes, it did, thank you so much! It really felt like I was being supported and guided by a big sister or close friend. The shock of the betrayal has me reflecting and seeing things in spurts/flashbacks, but something I remembered was that Pisces and I were officially boyfriend/girlfriend when this new relationship of his started. I just realized that he cheated on me while I put pieces of the story together, which deepens the betrayal but it also further emphasizes his cowardly energy to me, especially with how you mentioned he didn't even show up the in the reading, lol. And also how you said that things with him aren't as good as they seem and that were are not a good vibrational match. It was very validating, thank you. 


I also want to thank you for all the kind words you had to say about me and how I was showing up in the reading! I really appreciate that, especially right now, and I will try your suggestions of sleep affirmations and writing/assessing things for my personal growth. I'm glad I found you and your tarot readings! Not only do I think you're very gifted, but listening to your readings always feels like a safe space. Thank you so much for sharing your gift! 


Best wishes,




P.S. Sorry for bombarding you again with my email message! 



Thank you so much for this read. It resonated like nobody's business.


I just love your God given gift and your energy, always makes me smile.





Hello, Fire Virgo! 


Thank you so, so much for the reading. It was worth the wait. I have watched it a few times already and am taking notes. I'm sure I'll watch it more to ensure I don't miss anything. I love your energy and the way you read. Your personality is awesome and very entertaining. I appreciate you!


I don't know if it's customary to provide feedback, but if it were me, I'd want to know. This really resonated with me, so thank you! I loved seeing all the pentacles!! Plus, it made me laugh that one of the first cards that came out was The Empress because I've been sitting in my Empress energy for a while now. I have totally been complacent and in my comfort zone for way too long. I do love security, familiarity, routines and comfort, so you nailed that. I have wanted to start a side hustle with a vlog and I've been slow to act. I do have steps A-H done though as I already have my domain registered and the website is done (just not much content) and I have all of my social media accounts created, but very little content posted. I am a very confident person and I do feel overqualified in my current job and am annoyed that I'm not moving up, so I've resigned myself to just coming in and doing my work and then leaving. I do my job very well though. I don't have a Bachelor's or Master's degree, but I do have many, many years of experience; so you were right on with that as well. I do have two large purchases that I want to make, so that was accurate also. When you said that I could cut back hours or come back if I left is correct. Not to toot my horn, but I'm beloved at my job and if I left they'd welcome me back with open arms. I just need to pay bills, so I wouldn't quit without having something else lined up. This was confirmation to update my resume and post it and work on my side hustle more and hopefully, that will turn into a full-time gig. I will put myself out there and see what comes my way. 



Dearest Fire Virgo Tarot,


The reading WAS AWESOME!!! It was perfectly aligned and provided me with SOOOoo much beautiful clarity! Thank YOU Sooo much!


I LOVE the work that you do!


With Gratitude!,

Tina C.


Thank you for the reading! Parts of it were spot on! He is very much focused on work because he wants to be the absolute best in his field, and he also does view things in black-and-white. I’ve learned that the reason he became distant was because he did not see how we could be together because he travels so much for work, and I travel so much for work, and since we lived in different states, we would never be able to see each other. However, I was looking for promotions in Texas. He had wanted me to move to Texas, but he thought I really loved my job in Maryland so he didn’t want to make me choose between him and my career so he never said anything. I am in a place in my life though that  Family is now more important to me than career. I do understand that right now he is not in the same place. I do 100% believe he is my twin flame and I recognize that maybe right now we need to be in separation, but I guess my question is  where might he and I be a year or two years from now.  Does that require a request for another reading?



Thank you again and Happy Holidays,



Love it! I had to spin it back a few times !!! Soo much confirmation!!!   I was wondering are you able to email me a copy of the extended video I purchased I can’t seem to access it again without  buying it over again … 


Thank you so much ! This gave me so much clarity and you were so spot on about everything you said . I feel so much better about everything!


Thank you so much. I believe it helped a lot. Now I just have to apply it since it's s for my highest good.


You're very talented !


Thank you again.



Thank you.  Very much for your insight and your skillful articulation of conveyance.

Please also tell your Spirit friend thank you for their help also.   I know that where they dwell , purpose is everything and to be witnessed.  Tell them I acknowledge them aand theyre remembered.  Tell them Im grateul for the work theyve done with you..  also if they have a group that relay observation, theyve done a great job assessing and reviewing for causals.  This has been Very interesting.  You all were right. She never, no matter what could tell me why.  She really doesnt know. 


I feel completely validated by your reading. You reiterated everything that I've been thinking.  I look forward to checking in with you again soon.

Thank you,



Thank you Fire Virgo!


It was helpful. You mention Sagittarius season in the reading, that was the month I unfriended him on FB.  I’m just going to keep moving on. 


Thank you.


Thank you! You’re always on point! I will check out shortly! Much love to you!


Yes this has helped me thank you so much. 


Thank you so much! 


Definitely helps, but I do resignate way more with your collective Leo readings especially the last week- when it comes to Ronald. 

Thank you and I will be asking for another tell me now Reading just on Ronald and I as soon as you’re available. 





Hello, and thank you for the reading 

It was in my spam folder.


     You are very intuitive there is physical distance between us we are over 500 miles apart in two different countries.   I’m her in central California and she is just over the border Mexico.


Thank you soooo much! This reading DEFINITELY resonated with where I am! I’m going to start that one thing which is modeling. Next time you hear from me I’ll be on the move Thank you!!!


Thank you sooo much. This reading helped a lot. I appreciate you for sharing your gift with me <3


Omg this reading was so good !! Just on point ! I do have reservations about Andre, I felt myself wanting to give it a a shot because he showed up at the time I was most vulnerable , I feel like ex’s can smell the vulnerability. Lol but I just friend zoned him and made it point to not date right now. So I can really figure it out. Spot on with the “soft girl” life because I’ve been screaming that for a few months now. Thank you so much fire Virgo! Your amazing at what you do !! Ttyl 


Thanks Alyssa, this helps so much, more like confirmation to trust my intuition!


OMGGGGGG thank you!!!!

I know I was limited in my email but dayummmm that was on point!!!

Totally appreciate you and the work you do!!!!  


This is so helpful  thank you so much!


It just so happens that a very decisive Aquarius man just asked me out on a date this coming Monday and I'm excited.


Thank you so for the reading, it was absolutely accurate and well informative I really appreciate that.Thank So much!!


Hi thank you for the reading! The very next day after I requested this reading I found out he actually changed his number so I couldn’t contact him anymore so he never go my text. I ignored him for two weeks and started my healing journey just for him to beg me to come back, profess his undying love for me and then ignore me yet again after begging me to please text him. Now he changed his number out of nowhere. This is all so lame and extremely embarrassing. I’m letting go, I deserve better so I’m walking away. 


This is so resonating. Thank you so much sis.


Thank you so much! It did gave me clarity!
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